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There’s a cloud moving through the gulch by my house. Went to sleep in HI woke up in Seattle. #HurricaneAna

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Thanks Landon!

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It looks like Mordor is on the other side. #808

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I also want to thank the generations of US soccer players, investors and fans, who have helped get this program and our domestic league to what it is today. Indoor, outdoor, usmnt ers. A lot of the younger generations of players and fans will never know of the struggle to put soccer on the map here in the USA. I know I would not be sitting here today if it was not for the grind and persistence and belief that soccer would one day make it in this country, but also be main stream, popular and thriving. All the people who put in the work ahead of me and let my generation and those to come , reap the benefits and rewards.

Soccer has shown me the world, taught me new languages, and immersed me in different cultures. Made me the man I am today.

Thank you, Captain America #3

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Disappearing Diamond Head Trick.
#StormWatching #hurricaneIselle

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Sunday Shopping Haul:
1. Sandals because, we’re stuck in an endless summer. 2. Distressed denim, linen button downs, and geometric shapes.
3. Skin and Nail Care. 4. Cargo “Suited to a Tea” palette, more shapes, and some whimsy.

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Vintage Sergio or Gareth Bale?

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USMNT wins best moment at the 2014 ESPY awards

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These Russia World Cup 2018 posters already have us counting the days. (via ESPN FC)

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