Loïc Remy for Surface Magazine


Generation 87

"While we are a generation that has talent, we are a good raw, but has done nothing. […] Between us, we talk more nonsense than you could do seems underway. Karim and Hatem me, were in the same class. What we could do shit like … "

OM: a unique club

"We have no room for error. When things go wrong, it is killed. When things go well, you walk on water. One gets the impression that the oil kings, and nothing can affect us. This is what makes the charm of this club. "

His relationship with Benzema for France

"With Karim, we do not need to say things. We clearly see who has what. There are not many players that the 87 generation, who came up selection. We tell ourselves that we really did what it took to get there "

The future

"I would walk the grounds of the English Premiership, Spanish, Italian, but one thing after another. I’m already trying to finish the season well with my club. And if indeed I have the opportunity to go to the Euro, do a very good Euro. After, we’ll see. "

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